Organizations require efficient data management solutions. Datawise Solutions specializes in creating data management systems that enable your organization to collect, manage and act upon data in real-time.

Our products are specifically designed for small to medium sized business and organizations that cannot afford the expense and maintenance of a large network infrastructure. Businesses that can benefit from a Datawise Solutions Inc. product module(s) are ones that have a few outlet operations, supporting living organizations that have a number of group homes or residences, and sporting groups/non-profits that have numerous chapters throughout the country or internationally.

Scalable. Customizable. Affordable. Datawise Solutions gives you the means to share information in real-time with all front-line staff and management so situations are dealt with promptly and efficiently and best of all, fully documented.

Datawise Solutions Inc. offers data management modules that serve the following sectors:

All services (except some custom-designed solutions) are priced based on our unique model. Click here for more information.

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